Become a part of einsdazu

Our mission is clear: We want to connect people and businesses.
We want to create value for everyone
With einsdazu you will increase your revenue, reach more customers and be innovative.

Why einsdazu?

einsdazu is a platform to connect people. To be more specific to connect restaurants with new and existing customers.
einsdazu expands your customer base and maintains it in an efficient way.

With einsdazu you increase your visibility and reach a new group of customers. You also can benefit from marketing activities.
einsdazu helps you to increase your revenue without paying too much fees.

einsdazu enables users and businesses to find the perfect match and enjoy a great time together.

einsdazu offers the possibility

  • to publish offers in real time

  • to publish offers based on the time or situation

  • to fill empty tables in real time

  • to plan and execute campaigns

  • to save time, because you address the target group directly

  • to save time, because you can do everything within minutes

  • to expand and maintain your customer base

  • manage reservations and menus

  • and more!

If you need more information or just have more questions, please get in touch with us via the contact form or via E-Mail.

What we offer

A small overview of the benefits and features, which we are providing to you

Our solution includes a whole dashboard, where you can manage your account and business(es). One of the core functions is the reporting.

Important: We just save data, which are necessary and we anonymize your data as much as possible!

Our reporting section is offering the following options

  1. Overview of amount of customers
  2. How well are your offerss performing?
  3. Analysis of your campaigns
  4. Analysis of reservation behavior
  5. Compare historical data to current data
  6. The attractiveness of your restaurant compared to other restaurants (nearby/same target group)
  7. And much more!

We are updating our platform every two weeks. So the reporting section will be improved over time as well.

The Heart of our Platform

einsdazu is the main function of our platform. It will help you attract new customers and maintain your existing ones. It also creates value for you and for your guests!
But what is einsdazu?

  1. einsdazu is the function to publish offers for potential guests or the ones who are already in your restaurant. You can configure as many as you wish and the way you want. You can also plan them in advance or create them as you go.

  2. You can schedule campaigns, for instance, if you want to give a discount to customers who are coming at a specific time. You also can publish an offer, if you have some free tables left and you want to fill them.

  3. You can always adapt to a situation. If you need more customers, you can publish some offers which will be seen by your potential guests. You can also take them off whenever you want.

  4. You can publish free einsdazu or more premium offers. For instance, giving a bigger discount to your loyal customers. They will redeem points for a premium offer, which they are gaining for visiting your restaurant.

  5. To prevent fraud, you can define your einsdazu as a one time offer. So a client is not able to redeem the same einsdazu more than once.

  6. Some examples: Get a free beer, get 10% off, pay for 3 beers and get 5.

More Benefits

einsdazu is offering much more than we could explain on this page.
We also update the platform every two weeks, so einsdazu is a platform which is growing rapidly.
We would love to hear your feedback. If you are missing a feature, please let us know. We want that einsdazu is creating value for you and adapts to your workflow.

Some other features:

  1. Flexibility

    1. We do not believe in a notice period, so if you want to get out, you will get out
    2. We are there for you: we will support you and help you
  2. Reservation

    1. You are able to manage your reservations via einsdazu. You do not need to pay an additional provider for this
  3. News Feed

    1. We are a social exploring app, so we also offer social aspects.
    2. You can publish news or other stuff within our platform and your target group will receive all updates in real time
    3. With that you are building a real relationship with your customers!
  4. Manage your menu

    1. You can create and manage your menus directly within einsdazu
    2. No need to upload a pdf or another file to show what you offer
    3. A change of your menu will just take seconds
  5. Campaigns

    1. You can schedule campaigns to reach a specific target group in your city
  6. Radar

    1. Locals or tourists are able to find you with the help of our radar
    2. So people who are looking for you, are finding you
  7. Updates

    1. We are updating our platform every two weeks
    2. This means that we are introducing improvements rapidly
    3. We also aim to work with you, if a feature is missing we want to know that


Pricing information updated: Dec 2020

Taxes included

Monthly fee, you will need to pay to be a part of einsdazu.

0 Euro
You are not paying per einsdazu, you are just paying if a customer is redeeming the einsdazu. So you are just paying, if your customer is in your restaurant.

0,17 Euro
Create reports or analyses in your einsdazu dashboard.

0 Euro
Manage reservations. You are just paying the amount, if the reservation is successful. If not we will keep 0,01 Euro.

1 Euro
Publishing of news or updates within the platform/directly to your followers.

0 Euro
The user can check into your location to gain points. These points can be used for the redemption of premium einsdazuĀ“s. Just customers, who are in your restaurant are able to really check in.

0,04 Euro
Manage your menu

0 Euro